ProStart Culinary 2

Course Description

Evanston High School/Central Wyoming College




Course Title:  Health, Sanitation, and Safety               Department: FACS

Course Prefix, Number & Section:  HRM 1505 Section Number 79EE


Credits:  3 college credits  Semester/Year: Fall 2016


Time of the class:   8:10-9:30 a.m.                

Evanston High School

Room 134 and Lab Room 132

Fall Semester



Instructor’s Name: Trudy Holt    Office Location: Evanston High School

Office Days & Hours: 7:35 a.m.-8:05-a.m. and 3:10-3:30 M-F

Office Telephone: 789-0757    

Email address:    Fax Number: 307-789-7447

Class website:



Course Intended Outcomes/Catalog Description: This course is designed to prepare students for  working in the foodservice and hospitality industry.  Topics include preparing for global cuisines, baking, desserts, salads and garnishing, meats, breakfast foods and sandwiches.   Students will also explore purchasing, inventory, marketing, and cost control.   Students will practice college and career readiness skills such as budgeting, problem solving, planning and preparing nutritious meals, and professionalism.


Prerequisites: None

Instructional Materials: Foundations of restaurant management & culinary arts Level Two Curriculum by Pearson

BOOK #_____________

Instructional Methodology (iPods, WebCT, etc): Smartboards, Internet, Computers, Chromebooks


Course Objectives (Note: Tools used to evaluate the objectives MUST be included in the syllabus, preferably at this point.)

  In order to successfully complete this course, students will:


     Use Math in relation to aspects of food preparation as appropriate(Tool-Budget)


     Understand and apply proper food safety and sanitation practices(Tool-Rubric)


     Demonstrate professional food preparation methods and techniques to produce a variety of food products that meet customer needs.(Tool-evaluations and lab rubric)


    Apply marketing principles and cost control.(Tool-marketing plan and mass production activities)











Major Topics:

Food safety and sanitation

Breakfast foods and sandwiches

Cost Control

Salads and Garnishing

Purchasing and Inventory


Desserts and Baked goods


Global cuisines





Participation 10%

Quizzes, Mid Term, Final 20%

Labs 50%

Projects/Classwork 20%



  • Attendance: Daily attendance/participation points will be given each day
  • Late or incomplete work: Student work will be penalized for each day it is late.
  • Make-Up: Students are allowed one day to make-up work for each day missed but it is the STUDENT’S responsibility to get the missed work.
  • Electronics-may be used as a resource for the class but not for texting, games, etc.

If headphones are used, only one ear piece may be used.


Supplies needed for this class:

*3 ring binder

*Spiral notebook

*$25 culinary lab fee to UCSD#1


Request for Accommodations:   CWC will provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  Students requiring reasonable accommodation for a disability must complete a “Request for Accommodations” form and submit it to Disability Resources, Student Success Center, MH123C.




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