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Project Presentation

Total presentation time will be approximately 30 minutes. The presentation itself should be 12-15 minutes long with the remaining time used for questions and feedback. You will be expected to bring 3 copies of your Work Log, Proposal Letter, Works Cited, and any other media sources or documents that will make your presentation professional. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the final presentation. Typical presentations incorporate audio/visual component(s) and may include demonstrations. A recommended structure:

  • Introduction
    • opening
    • introduce yourself
    • introduce your topic
    • explain why you chose your topic
    • state your Essential Question
    • thesis: explain what you will teach through your presentation
  • Body
    • share your background research
    • explain the process or procedures you used
    • show how your outside authority helped you
    • demonstrate how you applied your research
  • Conclusion
    • rephrase your thesis
    • summarize the main points of your presentation
    • describe your learning
    • give thanks to those who helped you throughout your project
    • final statement
  • Questions and Answers
    • know your topic/project well enough to answer questions posed by the panel members.