Media Production

 Current Teaching Assignments     
    Media Director
    Broadcast Media (Red Devil News)
    Video Production
    Independent Courses
   Steering Committee
   Personalized Learning Committee
   Football Scoreboard Director
Online Managements Sites
                         Google Classroom Codes
Google Classroon   
     1 (A) Adv Broadcast Media 8jxxo4d
     1 (A) Broadcast Media xay1exy
     1 (A-B) Broadcast Media (D) ilt4ut
     1 (A) Broadcast Media 3   25vodx
                             1 (B) Adv Broadcast Media   ui28ljp
                             1 (B) Broadcast Media  dpl24su
                             1 (B) Broadcast Media 3  25vodx
                             3 (A-B) Broadcast Media 3   8te3cf
                             4 (A) Video Production
                             4 (A) Video Production
                         PDSA Reading Classroom yoeizsy
     Guroo Class Codes
     4(A) Video Production 5MBZ5DR
      4(A) Video Production  7GCXNS7
RDNRed Devil News YouTube
    This YouTube channel includes the daily broadcast of Red Devil News.
Past Teaching Assignments 
Media Director -- Evanston Middle School
Physical Education
Black and White Photography
Life Skills
Student Accountability Center
Media Production
Including some independent courses:
Adobe After Effects
New Tek-
TriCaster 860 and 460