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EHS Science Department

Mrs. Anderson's Science Classes:
Biology (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017)
Earth and Space Science (2016-2017)
Horticulture (2106-2017)
Other responsibilities at EHS:
Personalized Learning Representative
Science Department Chair
Colleges and Degrees:
Rocky Mountain College, 1995-1999, Bachelor's in Biology
Utah State University, 2001-2004, Master's in Horticulture
Western Governor's University, 2009-2011, Post-baccalaureate, Teacher Certification (Biology 6-12)
Evanston High School Science Teacher, 2011-present
Google Classroom
Access Codes:
Biology (Fall 2016): k2idoa
Earth and Space Science (2016-2017): gocbqv
Horticulture 1A (2016-2017): vy3mo9
Horticulture 4B (2016-2017): cyv87m
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