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We are proposing to adopt a positive incentive program to reach our middle and low performing students at EHS where each week students with:
  • A’s and B’s (100%-80% in all classes), 
  • Students enrolled in an AP course may have a C in that class,
  • No tardies,
  • Do not have any referrals,
  • No missing work, and
  • 100% attendance during the current week (Friday-Thursday).
Will receive an incentive to have an early out day each Friday (12:45pm to 3:10 pm). This group is defined as the “Ah Yeahs.”

Students with:
  • C’s-F’s (Below 80%),
  • Missing work (recorded zeros in PowerSchool),
  • Tardies during the current week
  • Absences from the previous Friday through next Thursday, and
  • Behavioral referrals during the current week.
Will be required to use the afternoon (12:50-3:10 pm) to seek specific teacher help and use this time to increase their grades.  This group is defined as the “Not Yets.”
Over the last three years, Evanston High School (EHS) has battled with increasing percentages of students obtaining D’s and F’s. Each week teachers are presented with a list of their Advocacy (home room) students who are on the D/F list. In the last three years, at least 20% of our student population has been on the D/F list (average number of students for the past three years = 765 students and the average number of students on the D/F list for the past three years = 140+).

As a school, our response to this growing list has included:

  • Provide a mentor to these students who check in with them weekly to discuss strategies,
  • Provide “travel time” one day a week during Advocacy for these students to meet with their teachers in classes that they are struggling,
  • Provide extended day study tables Monday - Thursday, and
Encourage Advocacy teachers to build a positive relationship with these students.
Overall, we have not seen a decrease in the number of students on the D/F list due to these actions.

EHS would also provide further positive incentives for A and B students if they wanted to stay at school to:

Complete an ACT preparation course,
Participate in recreational activities such as intramural sports,
Complete small course hobby-like learning sessions,
Catch up in course work due to excused absences.
Work on assignments for an excused absence in the coming week (maybe required by activity sponsors), or
Form study groups for AP courses.


The purpose of this program would be to overall decrease our growing D/F list, but other benefits of this program could also be obtained such as:

Moving students in our middle performance range (79%-70%) to A and B range,
Providing positive opportunities on campus for further learning and collaboration with teachers and students,
As teachers, we will be able to have more one on one time with these at risk students.
AP students will be expected to use these afternoons for study groups and working with their teachers,
Decrease instructional time lost for students involved in activities (most notably on Friday afternoons),
Decrease instructional time lost due to absences,
Increase ACT scores through offering preparation courses offered in Friday afternoons, and
Natural increase of ACT scores as a result of increased motivation and learning due to the early out incentive.


Each Thursday, Advocacy teachers and their students will determine the “Ah Yeahs” and the “Not Yets” based on grades and missing  work. Students would be responsible for filling out a form to check their grades and missing work on Powerschool. Advocacy teachers would receive a truancy and 10+ tardy list of their students who will not be eligible for Not Yet Friday.

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