Video Production (Period 4A)

Course Description

Video Production

Course Objective

Through assigned readings, the viewing of many videos, and the completion of a series of video assignments, you are expected to acquire a thorough understanding of the basic elements of video and audio production.


Introduction to Video Production

Movie Maker




Understand and utilize proper file formats

Create and compress digital video files, photographs and audio files in various formats.

Computer Basics

Understand and use computer operating systems

Understand file organization

Use supporting application

Employ troubleshooting techniques

Digital Video Editing

Apply proper transition, edits, titles, effects, media and output control

Understand and demonstrate Montage and Continuity editing scenarios



Be safe

Be respectful

Be responsible

Be on time to class.

Work until the bell.

Be respectful 's' work and personal property.

Respect all school property.

Take appropriate video and/or photographs. Respect privacy issues when publishing videos and photographs.

Please refrain from playing video games, text messaging, emailing, or Facebook during class.

Unkind words and actions toward others and yourself will not be tolerated.

There is no food or drink permitted near the computers in class.



All work in this class must be your own. **Plagiarism is use of another's ideas, words, artwork, video, or photograph without the proper attribution and/or permissions.**



Skill development in producing and editing video and sound for multimedia productions. Emphasis on the capture, editing, and outputting of video using a desktop digital video workstation.

This is a flipped classroom.  You should watch the tutorials and work on quizzes outside of class.  This allows you to use class time to work directly on the projects.

The video project may be shot outside of school, but must be edited in school * Please note you will get the best footage outside of school. Some projects may include a still sequence, stop motion animation, music video, newscast, documentary, and an experimental film.