Graduate/Former Student Transcripts and Immunization Records

The following are procedures for Graduate/Former student to obtain a copy of school transcripts:

Evanston High School maintains transcripts for ten years.  To obtain a copy, complete the Evanston High School Transcript Request Form or contact the registrar's office. There is no charge for these transcripts.


Evanston High School
Registrar's Office
PO Box 6002
Evanston, WY 82931-6002


Phone: (307) 789-7571 x1154
Fax: (307) 789-7447

Email:  [email protected]


If you graduated or transferred from Evanston High School prior to this time you will need to contact the Wyoming State Archives to request a copy of you transcript (see form below). The state archives currently charges $4.00 per transcript.


Wyoming State Archives
Barrett Building
2301 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY  82002


Phone: (307) 777-7826
Fax: (307) 777-7044