Mission Statement

Evanston High School Vision

  • All students and staff grow daily to achieve success 


Evanston High School Mission

  • Ensure that all students learn at grade level or higher


School Motto:

  • Towards the Highest

Our Collective Commitments: In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, Evanston High School staff have committed to the following:

  • I will ensure that all students and staff feel safe and cared for at EHS.
  • I will be a positive, contributing member of my collaborative team.
  • I will communicate with all stakeholders (anyone with a vested interest in education). 
  • I will promote student ownership of learning. 
  • I will uphold the agreed-upon Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.
  • I will utilize evidence of student learning to improve my practice and to better meet the needs of my students.