School Goals

Evanston High School Goals 

  • Evanston High School will have an average of 21 on the Junior ACT by 2019
  • Decrease the number of chronic absentees by 5%


Communication Goals:

  • Parents: Communication between parents, students and staff is important in creating positive working relationships and a positive learning environment in the classroom as measured in an increase in positive communication.
  • Students: All teachers will use a digital platform to provide communication opportunities for their classes (e.g., Google Classroom, Gooru, Remind).
  • Community: Quarterly newspaper insert/article about positive events happening in the classroom, especially non-athletics at EHS.
  • Staff: Develop a comprehensive communication plan (e.g. Google Sheets) for the staff that indicates types of communication, who is accountable for that communication, and the audience of that communication. This plan will focus on staff email, calendar, and social media.