EHS Wrestling

 Coaching Staff:
Larry Wagstaff - Head Coach Wagstaff has been coaching in Evanston since 1978. He wrestled for EHS and has been a positive influence with thousands of students.
Garth Wagstaff - Coach Wagstaff has been coaching as an assistant since 2000.
Steve Moore - Coach Moore has been coaching as an assistant since 2006.  
 History ----
Evanston Wrestling started as a club with Mel Baldwin in 1957. At its start it was a group of 20 high school boys and one coach that would travel to surrounding schools each Friday night and wrestle in little 8 man tournaments. Evanston had its turn each year to host a tournament called the Evanston Invitational. At some point it gained a nickname - the "EI". At its biggest it was three tournaments running at the same time with over 900 participants. Its philosophy is to allow teams to place as many wrestlers as they need to into each weight class. 

A Wyoming all school state championship started in 1947. In 1965 the three divisions were established. Evanston won a state title in the 3A Division in 1981 and 1982 under the direction of Coach Wagstaff.

Mel Baldwin started a wrestling club in Evanston High School during the 1956 – 1957 school year. The following year EHS adopted the program with head coach Stan Wintermot and entered in the Wyoming High School Athletic Association. The entire state competed in a single elimination tournament that was held in Saratoga that year.
Chuck Nixon wrestled for EHS at 157 lbs the very first year when it was a club. He was a senior and only wrestled that one year in high school. He then went to college and wrestled another 6 years, 4 of those years for the University of Wyoming. After college Chuck became the EHS head wrestling coach for the next decade from 1969 till 1979. During that time he coached Larry Wagstaff through Larry’s high school years. Coach Nixon also coached all three of his own boys one of which was Todd. After he retired he became an assistant coach to Coach Wagstaff, who was then the head coach, and coached another 30 years as an assistant until 2010.
Larry Wagstaff wrestled for EHS from 1968 till 1971 with Coach Nixon as his coach in his junior and senior years. Larry then went to college where he wrestled for 4 years at different places starting at the University of Wyoming. After college he ended up being hired on to the EHS coaching staff and has been a driving force to the EHS program ever since.
Coach Wagstaff’s first state champion was Todd Nixon who he later hired as an assistant coach in 1989 and has been part of the program ever since. Todd wrestled for NWCC and for Weber College before he came back to EHS help with the wrestling program.
In 1986 Garth Wagstaff was a freshman and came through the program. Garth is Coach Wagstaff’s nephew and was another state champion for EHS. Garth then wrestled in college at NWCC and Chadron State before returning to EHS to become an assistant to Coach Wagstaff in 2000.
Another name in Evanston wrestling is Moore. Coach Donny Moore was the Junior High wrestling coach from 19__ till 19__ and coached everyone on the staff including his son, Steve. Steve started high school 1991 and was coached by Coach Wagstaff and has been an assistant since 2006.

Head Coaches.
Larry Wagstaff 1980 till present
Phil Orton 1979 – 1981
Charles Nixon 1969 – 1979
Scott Kateria 1968 - 1969
Joseph York 1966 - 1968
Stan Wintermot 1957 - 
Mel Baldwin 1956 – 1957