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Welcome to Evanston High School - Toward the Highest!

Student Handbook

EHS Student Handbook 2017-2018
Whether you are a new student in this 2017-2018 school year or a returning student, welcome to a new school year at Evanston High School. Once again, you have a chance to participate and make a difference because every student counts on this campus. Be involved with your classmates. Make your best effort at your school work. Never, ever say that campus life is for someone else. You are the reason Evanston High School exits.

We welcome you!

Principal: Merle Lester
Assistant: Scott Kohler

Guidance Services:
Guidance services are available to every student at EHS. The Guidance Office can assist you with educational planning and give you career and occupational information. Counselors can help you interpret test scores or provide you with study help. Counselors also can help with home and social concerns or any concern you might like to discuss.

To schedule classes, Guidance is available to help you with course decisions and scheduling. Once the new school year has started, schedule changes can only be made to correct an overbooked schedule or computer error. See Guidance for the proper forms and procedures for any changes.

Mr. Walk - 9th
Mrs. Barker - 10th - 12th (A-L)
Mr. Sibbett - 10th - 12th (M-Z)
Evanston High School Dance Guest Pass

This pass must be filled out and signed and back to EHS office 3 days before the dance .

Dance______________Date________Starting Time______ Ending Time_______
Evanston High School Student’s Name (Please Print) _________________Grade____
Guest’s Name (Please Print) ____________________Guest’s Phone #____________

As a guest at a Evanston High School Dance, I understand I am under the jurisdiction of the school
and must follow all school rules, including dress code, bring picture ID, no drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
products. Failure to do this may be grounds for my removal from this event and will jeopardize my
date’s opportunity to attend all future activities at Evanston High School.

Guest’s Signature_________________________________Date ______________

As a student of Evanston High School bringing a guest to the dance, I also understand and am
subject to these same restrictions.

EHS Student Signature_____________________________Date______________
EHS Parent/Guardian Signature______________________Date______________

Student, please fill out one of the following sections before contacting an administrator for permission .
____Guest is a high school student. A PHOTOCOPY OF GUEST’S PICTURE ID CARD needs to be
provided before an EHS administrator is contacted.

The above named guest is in good standing at _________________High School AND is
recommended as a guest at EHS.

Administrator’s signature from the guest’s school_______________________
Date_________________ Phone#_____________________________

____Guest is not a high school student. A PHOTOCOPY OF GUEST’S DRIVER license must be
provided before an EHS administrator is contacted.

Guest’s former high school_________________ Year of Graduation___________

Current college or employer___________________ Age_____ must be 19 years of age or younger
Home of the Red Devils !

UCSD #1 Vision
Our vision is that all students are prepared to meet the demands of 21st century citizenship, careers and post-secondary

UCSD #1 Mission
Our mission is to provide powerful instruction that is relevant and challenging. We commit to provide daily experiences that
prepare students for the 21st century, build positive relationships, and encourage maximum student effort.

“Toward the Highest”