Senior Advocacy

Welcome to Advocacy!

Senior Students

Advocacy is a multi-faceted program designed to provide students with advocacy, study help, skill development and avenues to create a reflective presentation of their learning. Groups are arranged by grade level and stay together for their four years at Evanston High School giving students time to confer with their advocates and prepare for presentations of learning. Advocacy meets for 25 minutes every Tuesday - Thursday.  These days are designed primarily for advocacy, guided reading and study time and to get help from teachers.  Students focus on:

acquiring knowledge and skills
reflecting on that acquisition
expressing that reflection

In short, Advocacy is designed to help students become more creative and self-directed in their learning and to give them more opportunities to publicly demonstrate that learning in order to prepare themselves to become more effective in the realms of citizenship, interpersonal relationships, and personal development.

What is Advocacy?

The Evanston High School faculty and administration believe that each student should form a professional relationship with at least one adult in the school. One such opportunity exists within Advocacy as students are assigned to advocates who meet with them on a weekly basis. Part of the advocate’s responsibilities involves keeping track of each student’s academic and attendance records and advising those students toward success. Advocates also provide their students with opportunities to discuss school issues on individual and group bases.

Advocacy Credit/Grading

In order to receive credit for your senior year in Advocacy, you will:

Senior Project


Senior Project

Aug. -


Oct. -

Nov. -

Dec. - Lit Review

Jan. -

Feb. -

March -

April - Presentations

May- Reflection

Participation in Class


  • 20% Naviance Curriculum
  • 10% College/Tech/Military/Job Application
  • 10% Senior Seminar

Naviance Curriculum*

Dec. -

Jan. -

Feb. -

March -

April -



You will receive a pass/fail grade for Advocacy, with 70% as the minimum score for passing.


Because we value attendance for all classes, attendance for Advocacy is treated the same as it is for all other classes. Absences do not affect your grade, but they can affect your credit. If you exceed four (4) non-school-excused absences you are in danger of losing credit and will enter into the appeals process. By school policy, when Advocacy students reach their fifth non-school-excused absence, their advocates report the situation to Mr. Kohler.