Course Catalog

Credit: Credit will be awarded at the end of each semester for each class passed. If you fail a class, you will not receive any credit for the course and you will not progress toward graduation. 90% attendance is required for all classes.
Required: This term refers to specific courses that must be taken sometime during a student's high school career. For example, four (4) credits of English must be earned before a student will be allowed to graduate.
Prerequisite: This term indicates a course that must be successfully completed before another course may be taken. It may also refer to passing a placement test that must be given by the instructor of a particular course.
Elective: This term refers to any course that is not a required course. Examples of elective courses include courses in Family & Consumer Science or Business. In addition, if a student has met the minimum graduation requirement in a particular subject area, each additional course successfully completed in that area is counted as an elective for that student.