Proposal Letter

The Proposal Letter  

As you begin your formal study, you will submit a proposal to your Advocacy teacher. This form will give your readers an understanding of the depth and breadth of your project, and it will help you outline your work as well. The letter includes

  • a heading
  • a salutation
  • an introduction that
    • identifies the topic
    • explains why you chose the topic
    • states in its thesis the essential question that your project will answer
    • identifies what your final product will be
  • a body that
    • identifies your mentor
    • explains the steps involved in answering your essential question
    • identifies your outside authority and describes that person’s role in helping you complete your project
    • lists preliminary research resources that you have already found
  • a conclusion that
    • rephrases the essential question
    • summarizes the plan to answer it
    • identifies the significance of that answer
  • a closing
  • your signature