Scoring Rubric

Area of Assessment Advanced Proficient Partly Proficient Not Proficient

Presentation of Project

Outstanding overall presentation; professional appearance; extremely well organized production with highly interesting introduction, logical transitions, well researched and supported ideas, and closing with impact; exceptional management of body language, eye contact, pacing and voice; visual aides provide logical connection to speech and useful illustrations of key information.

Student demonstrates substantial awareness of presentation protocol; neatly dressed; presentation is efficient and organized.

Project is somewhat unorganized or student doesn’t make a strongly favorable impression.

Student shows minimal consideration of the importance of the presentation.


Project Quality

Superior craftsmanship, pride and attention to detail are evident; student explicitly demonstrates how quality is addressed and attained.

Attention to detail and standards of quality are evident.

Project is complete, but of lesser quality.

Project lacking in detail and/or quality.


Project Management

Project exceeds the minimum requirement and demonstrates consistent, efficient and thoughtful use of time and skills. Self-direction is evident. Inclusive and explicit learning logs, verification forms and self-evaluation are completed in a timely manner.

Meets or exceeds requirement; demonstrates efficient time management. Much self-direction evident. All forms submitted on time.

Meets minimum requirements; somewhat disorganized time management. All forms submitted.


Doesn’t meet minimum time requirement and/or insufficient evidence of time management skills. Some verification forms incomplete.


Learning and Innovation Skills

Project demonstrates an innovative application of knowledge in the design and construction of the product or process. Student uses problem solving to analyze complex problems and sophisticated skills to overcome difficulties. Student is persistent, flexible and open to new solutions, advice and process.

Original application of creative skills is evident. Student modifies and adapts other’s ideas in creation of original design. Moderate use of problem solving skills and understanding of basic difficulties apparent. Persistence and flexibility valued in process.

Limited evidence of creativity (heavily relies on standard methods and models); demonstrates limited/superficial problem solving skills; gives up too soon, asks limited questions, or resists new ideas.

Apparent disinterest and/or half-hearted attempt to display originality; no basic understanding of causes of, or solutions to, problems.


Applied Research

A stretch or challenge is exceedingly evident as the project explores a new area, demonstrates a new skill, or extensively expands previous knowledge and skills. Depth and complexity of knowledge is evident in completion of the project.

Stretch/challenge is evident; the student builds on general knowledge and applies this to the product.

Moderate to limited learning stretch; superficial knowledge or difficulty applying data apparent.

No learning stretch; rote learning; little understanding of application.


Passing Score is at least 14 out of 20, with no scores in the "Not Proficient" column.

The student has satisfactorily completed the following: 

___ Literature Review            ___ Work Log       ___ Mentor Meetings