Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Projects

Literature Review

  1. How many sources am I expected to have?

Generally speaking, you need to have enough to ensure that you are successful in your project. The basic idea is that students are expected to research new information and then make an informed decision and apply what they have learned to their project. We have found that the more sources you have, the chances are you will be more successful in your project.

  1. What type of research am I expected to do?

The best answer we can give is to find a variety of sources. Look at the internet, books, magazines, professionals in the field, or any other source that can help you make an informed decision. We would emphasize that there needs to be a variety of sources. If you are working on a welding project, for example, research the rod, welder, temperatures, welding process, size and type of metal, how to cut and fabricate the project. Some of this can be done through local professionals but then a deeper understanding can be made if you research though Lincoln Welders what settings and specifications the welders have that may be helpful.

  1. What do I need to bring to the Literature Review?

You need to bring an annotated bibliography and a copy of your approved Proposal Letter. You may bring other documents that may help in your presentation of your research. Please make sure you have given copies to each of your panel members, one week in advance of the review date.

  1. Who approves my proposal letter?

You should submit your proposal letter to the Advocacy teacher. Your Advocacy teacher will then review your proposal letter with a team of teachers and let you know if it has been approved. If the letter is not approved, the review team will provide feedback that will help you meet expectations. It is a very good idea to make sure that your mentor has a copy of the proposal letter.

  1. How is my panel determined?

Your mentor is automatically on your panel, and then we find two other staff members.

  1. What happens if I don’t do my literature review?

In order to present on senior presentation day, you must have successfully completed your literature review. If for some reason you are absent and miss the lit review, you can set up another time with your panel to complete the review.

Senior Presentation

  1. How many hours am I required to spend on the senior presentation?

There is not set limit on hours. If you are painting your pickup truck for your senior presentation, then you should have completed the project. If you are writing a children’s book, you should again have the finished product. If you decide to research what it takes to become a dentist, you should have a strong understanding of what it will take and some time spent working with an outside expert in the field. How many hours does it take to complete these? The answer is that it takes enough to complete a quality project.

  1. What happens if I don’t pass the first time

If you do not pass your presentation the first time, you will be expected to fix the parts of your presentation that are lacking. You will be expected to set up another time with your panel to make the necessary corrections. If for example, you did not pass your project because you had not completed the product, you would be expected to complete it and then show the panel the final results.

  1. How should I dress for the Literature Review and the final presentation?

The literature review is casual dress, but the final presentation is expected to be “professional” dress. Girls, this means professional dress with no flip flops. Boys, you will be expected to be in nice slacks, tie, and dress shoes. One exception for example, is that if you are presenting in the kitchen, we will allow you to dress the part. If you are in the welding shop, you can dress the part. Dressing the part of a profession is very appropriate. If you have any questions with this, contact your 21 Advisor or mentor. Another issue that has arisen is if you do not have any of the required dress items; please contact your principal before the presentation day so that we can make necessary arrangements.

  1. Can I use someone from school or my immediate family as my outside source?

We strongly discourage this. These people can be very valuable resources, but we would like you to expand your horizons with research to add even more variety and knowledge to your project. If you have any special concerns with this, please see Mr. Lester for ideas and approval.

  1. Can I use a project from another class for my senior project?

Generally we would say no. However, we have and will continue to approve projects that are senior project worthy as long as they significantly extend the work and learning involved.

  1. Can I do the senior project with a partner?

Generally we say no. On occasion we have approved and will approve partner projects. The main stipulation is that the presentations have to be done completely separate and the presentations need to be different. Each individual needs to present their own learning with their own individual resources. One of the main focuses of the panel is to measure the student’s learning and growth. This is much more identifiable when the presentations take place individually.